Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Simultaneity of the Great Self and Self-Doubt

If you've been someone that for large sections of your life has identified with self-doubt, then this blog is for you.  I'm not talking here about momentary wrestling matches with self-critical demons in the basement of your soul here. ...Rather, I'm talking about a thin, yet impenetrable veneer that has cast itself over your life for decades.  
In its subtlety and trickery, it reveals itself to you as a transparent lens while in truth it distorts your perception of self and others to epic proportions.  Its message is one of disbelief and comes in many forms like, " those folks really don't care for you" OR "you might as well forget about it because you don't really matter."  Its purpose is to keep you distracted and far from any consistent realization of your human passion and potential.  If noone points it out to you and you aren't doing work on yourself you can fall prey to this behemoth in almost every life situation and the repetition of your interface with this part only reinforces the mythic intentions of this sneaky creature.  Many people die having never really acknowledged the phantom identity of this psychological part.  What a travesty!

However, let's say someone walks into your life and pierces the the delicate exoskeleton of this seemingly real being.  Through that opening, you begin to see other perspectival possibilities and your lifelong depression begins to drain out through that tubular opening slowly but surely.  

This is one of the many ways that the "Great Self"emerges. The Great Self is that precious birthright part of you that knows its own radical uniqueness and has razor sharp clarity about how you are to use your gifts as a generous contribution to the world.  

It is painful inner work to pierce through  the layers of self-doubt that mute the voice of the "Great Self" but if you are persistent and seek guidance when necessary, you will experience a paradigm shift where the "Great Self" comes forward and speaks in simultaneity with the part of you that doubts.  When this arises, you know you are nearing the gate of transformation and that a radically different way of engaging with the world is right around the corner.  I'm here to encourage you to hang in there, lean in and enjoy the ride. With consistent support, the "Great Self" will emerge and you will relax with self-doubt and experience a deep inner trust that was previously inaccessible.  Know of my support on this journey.  Much peace...